Men’s Style: Post-Lockdown Fashion Ideas For Him

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The pandemic and its forced isolation has forced many to face a grim reality as the comfort clothes that have become an indispensable wardrobe staple must be retired and our once keen fashion sense resurrected.

Well into the new year, and with each passing month comes the promise that soon we will be able to go out and socialise, go to weddings, birthdays, intimate dinners and (whisper it with hope) the pub, and we must all face the reality that our evening outfits could do with a tune-up.

Male Grooming Gift Guide: Manscaped Readies for Season Gift Giving

We have all succumbed to the siren song of lounge wear over the past year, and as the days get longer and warmer, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear when you can finally meet people face to face again. So, what do you get for the man who needs to get ready to put their best foot forward into the outside world again? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

An All-Weather Outdoors Jacket

He may not be going back into the office for a little while yet, but when the restrictions start lifting, we are all going to be in dire need of some fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors.

Men's Fashion: Best Winter Coat Styles for Men in 2020

An all-weather jacket is a great choice for anyone who's been getting itchy feet over the winter and takes into account the extremely changeable spring weather (which, going by how chaotic the winter weather has been, will be quite something), and you can either go for a hiking-style mountain gear for the man who loves those all-terrain rambles, or a stylish waxed cotton jacket for the urban wanderer.

A New Classic Watch

So much of the past year has been stripped down to pure functionality in every aspect of our lives. It's been hard to look past the essential needs of every day, but a great watch is a gift that blends function and form, style and practicality. It's a way of taking the day by the scruff of the neck while maintaining elegance and sophistication.

Men's Gift Guide: For the Sophisticated Man

A Rolex watch comes with that promise of precision and perfection, and there are a range of different styles to suit every taste and every purpose. You can browse Rolex online at Chronext, from the legendary Submariner to the trail-blazing Sky-Dweller.

A New Fragrance

During the pandemic, the need for cologne and aftershave may have seemed a little less urgent. After all, a men's fragrance is often reserved for specific purposes, whether it's the dash of freshness to face an important day in the office, or a muscular scent to weather the outdoor conditions at a wedding.

Clive Christian Men's Perfume Review - Seductive, Discriminating, The Ultimate in British Luxury

As we look ahead to those happy times when we can socialise properly again, a new fragrance is a great gift for him to help him face any occasion feeling fresh, stylish and confident.

Grooming Oils

There cannot be many men out there who did not experiment with a lockdown beard, and a lot of people out there will have found that they prefer their face to be framed in this way. If he has made a commitment to his beard, then help him to look his best with beard grooming oils and balms. They can be the difference between a wild man look and an elegant, sharp appearance.

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