Home, Décor: Easy Ways to Brighten up Any Room

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With a little creativity and a few simple tips, a dull room can go from dreary to cheery in no time at all, with a few color and lighting changes the entire aura of any room will brighten.

When a room is feeling less than inspiring, it may be time to lighten up and change it. Color, lighting, and the way we decorate all play a role in brightness. Spirits are lifted and moods lightened when entering a bright room.

Warm tones have their place. When done well, they offer a certain coziness. However, any room may begin to feel less than desirable as ideas and tastes change.

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Thankfully, any room can be modified. Let’s discuss a few easy ways to brighten up a dark room.


Often, the first to come to mind when considering brightness is lighting. Lighting can drastically improve a room’s look. Table lamps can be lovely, but if they’re not shedding enough light to make the room feel sunny and bright, consider a ceiling fixture.

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If you’re choosing a ceiling light, choose something clear crystal for a light and sparkling effect. Or, you could use a light that’s white or clear. As long as it’s not dark, you’re good to go. A dark-colored light fixture on the ceiling will make the ceiling appear lower than it is.

What Is on the Walls?

Hopefully, the walls are adorned with pictures of loved ones and favorite artwork.

To brighten the room, it may be necessary to trim a bit and choose only the absolute favorite pictures and artwork to display. Too much can be overwhelming. Simplifying décor on the walls decreases any feeling of being closed in and instead gives the room a brighter, lighter feeling.

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If it’s time for some new selections, choose artwork in bright, bold colors to make a statement and add bright colors to the room.


Don’t forget to look down. Nothing dates a room like dingy carpet or flooring too dark for the space. Light walls and a dark wood floor will create a bright feel thanks to the stark contrast. Avoid dark walls and dark wood together. For ultimate brightness, choose the lightest color in flooring material.


Nothing changes a room from associations with gray skies to sunshine like a fresh coat of paint—but not just any paint. Choose light colors, preferably white.

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A bright white is crisp, clean, and the perfect blank slate when redecorating a room. Some worry that using all white may feel cold, but with the right added touches a white room can feel welcoming and warm.

Don’t forget the ceilings. Fresh, white ceilings enlarge the look of a room and make it feel brighter.

Apply these easy ways to brighten up a dark room in any home and watch as a transformation beings—not only in the room itself, but in the mood the room sets.

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