Accessories: A Guide to Different Styles of Necklaces

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As warmer months approach, and the world continues to reemerge, freshening up one's style may include adding necklaces, in all shapes, sizes, varieties, from elegant and dainty to classic and statement pieces to jazz up that wardrobe.

Are you wondering what varieties of necklaces there are? Check out our basic guide to different styles of necklaces before you choose your next piece.

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When necklaces are mentioned, at lot of the time most people simply think of something shiny at the end of a chain. However, the history of necklaces is rich and full of many styles and looks. From around the world comes an array of stunning looks most people never knew existed.

A basic guide to different styles of necklaces is an essential asset for anyone serious about accessory fashion! With knowledge of different types, you can focus on learning how to style necklaces to the perfect outfit.

Short Length Necklaces

Collars and chokers are two very elegant style of necklaces. At only 14", collars tend to be very short whereas the choker style has more leeway at 14" to 16". Since this necklace hang at the base of the neck, and so are generally always visible, they're easy to pair with any outfit. Similarly, riviere necklaces tend to be short and hang close around the neck. However, they are much flashier and can consist of cut and set stones.

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Princess necklaces are similar to riviere in elegance, but with much heavily emphasis on glitter. They feature round-, princess-, and pear-cut stones arranged in a pattern—typically floral. Lastly, festoon necklaces have a very long history in fashion. These necklaces have dangling strands of chain between focal points, which are often cut or cabochon stones set in metal. The result is a glittering web of glamour.

Medium Length Necklaces

No basic guide to different styles of necklaces would be complete without mentioning pendants. These are some of the most versatile necklaces. Select a chain at the desired length and string on your chosen piece. This type of necklace is popular due to its modular nature. Any pendant can be swapped out with any chain or cord, allowing for tons of variations.

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Like pendants, lavalier and negligee necklaces tend to feature one decorative focal point hanging from a typically plain chain. Lavaliers connect to the chain at two evenly distanced points rather than through one loop. Contrastingly, negligee feature no clasping mechanism and instead offer a flexible array of wear styles depending on how the chain ends are wrapped together.

Long Length Necklaces

Opera necklaces are some of the more dramatic ways to wear beads. These necklaces feature two strands of different lengths, so one loop hangs higher than the other. Sautoir necklaces are also beaded and can have multiple strands.

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However, the focal point is typically a tassel. Opera length necklaces typically are if 26", but chains and cords are available in as long as 40". These extra long necklaces can be adapted to any style, but most commonly utilize a dramatic pendant.

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